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Sunday Service

Children's Church: est. 10am to 11am

*after praise and worship (which starts at 9)

*except the first Sunday of each month

Wednesday Service

Children's Church: 6:30 pm to 8 pm

Kids 4 Christ

Our vision for the children of Family Life Church is to assist the parents (the one's with the primary spiritual responsibility) in teaching their children to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul and strength; and to help them impress these truths on their little ones (Dt. 6: 4-9). Our goal is to see this generation rise up to be "Spiritual Champions" who actively seek God's will in their lives and fulfill His unique destiny for each one of them: To be influencers and culture shapers by their choices and actions that are based in their knowledge and love for God and His word, the Bible.

The Children's Ministry team has selected DiscipleLand in order to take your children to a deeper level of walking with Jesus. Each outstanding lesson in this program uses the Head, Heart, Hand approach. This method introduces the knowledge of God's Word that affects the heart which in turn moves us to act. We know that DiscipleLand will assist families into a deeper walk with the Lord. It has three components:

The Core Bible is a complete, discipleship centered Bible learning system. DiscipleTown uses a creative town theme to teach practical discipleship skills. DiscipleLand Adventure is a series of studies that takes children to exciting locations around the world.

DiscipleZone.com is a great interactive website for the kids, parents and teachers to explore deeper. DiscipleLand Adventure will be our Wednesday evening program for the elementary students. Our amazing God has a destiny for each of us. There is no greater call than to follow Jesus and take our places in the Greatest Story of All; in which we each play an irreplaceable role.

We have many avenues for kids to get involved in, including:

Please come and join us!

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