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Counseling Services

When using the term counseling, especially Biblical Counseling, the possibility of misunderstanding and preconceived ideas exist. While the staff at Set Free Ministries (SFM) does provide counsel, much of what is done could be considered discipleship. The ultimate purpose of this discipleship is to make Jesus Christ personal and relevant to the individual by helping them come to a greater understanding of the grace of God and the life changing quality of the Word of God. This is done in harmony with our mission statement. We are not "licensed" counselor, nor do we represent ourselves as such.

Making An Appointment

1. The first step in making an appointment at SFM is to complete the intake form. This form can be directly downloaded (forms page), mailed, faxed or picked up in person at our office. For questions regarding this form, contact the office.

2. Please return this completed form in person or by mail. Please do not electronically submit this form due to HIPPA regulations.

3. Each submitted form will be reviewed and assigned to a counselor that best fits the clients needs. Contact will then be made by SFM office staff to schedule an appointment. Additional information will also be provided at that time.

Appointment Information

The initial appointment is usually scheduled for approximately 90 minutes, depending on the preference of the counselor. This allows time for the counselor to explain the counseling process/disciplining sessions. Time will also be given to the client to ask questions regarding their counseling experience including the frequency of visits.


One of the most frequently asked questions is, "how much does the counseling cost?". As a ministry, we operate on different financial principles than a business. Our priority is to help people deal effectively with those issues for which they are seeking counsel. We do not want finances to be an obstacle to anyone seeking help. For this reason, there is no set fee for counseling services. However, we do ask each person to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider what they believe they can contribute to compensate their counselor and to help with the operating expenses of SFM. The counselor will discuss this with the client in greater depth during the initial session. Additional cost may be incurred for CD's ($5.00) and/or books as appropriately priced. Any recommended books are available for purchase at SFM.

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